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It’s well known that chemotherapy destroys the immune system and greatly extends the possibilities of new cellular mutations, in other words it promotes the formation of new tumors also very aggressive.

Some recent studies show that chemotherapy destroys the vitamin D in the body, knocking out those very specific defenses that fight cancer: is the paradox of the drugs that is repeated.

They are not well known, but there are simple and natural treatments without side effects successfully used to stop and slow down cancer.

Among these therapeutic systems support, non-toxic and safe we have those from the scientific research of Dr. Rath Research Institute. The therapy has been shown to reverse the cancer, stop its spread by blocking metastasis, and improving health. However, the results listed above have limitations if you have already taken the chemotherapy.

You can not expect to help the body to fight if we feed it with one hand and with the other we destroy its defenses.
Even Dr. Dwight Mckee, oncologist working at the foundation Euromed (2) in Arizona, is of the same opinion.

In fact on the website of the foundation we read: “The immune system is the first line of defense. As cancer is basically a failure of the immune system, it makes no sense to administer a cure that will further damage it.”

All nutritional supplements suggested in specific cases conceived by Dr. Rath Research Institute are easily available and accessible.

You do not need to pay large amounts of money for rare or exotic substances.
No need to travel to Mexico, Bermuda, China or Switzerland.
The therapy is easy to understand and to follow at home even without a technical background.

It is asked by the doctor to perform the specific tests to improve the treatment and to ensure that the therapy is working. In this way, it happens that with the exams under their eyes people can see the results and are encouraged to continue the integration.

You can download the documentation about the research of Dr. Rath Institute.

Where cancer comes from and how it can be stopped

The tumor cells are formed due to toxic chemicals, biological processes altered, or by exposure to radiations. When cellular DNA is mutated, cancer cells start to reproduce quickly.

Usually, the immune system recognizes them, It isolate them and destroys them. But if there are too many, or your immune system is compromised, these cells reproduce rapidly and spread thanks to protease, a protein enzyme that can dissolve or better digest the tissue of collagen, to leave room for the proliferation of cancer cells.

How it can be stopped

Dr. Matthias Rath in 1991 discovered that the amino acid lysine, when combined with vitamin C, appears to inhibit the protease.

Later, in the spring of 2002, Rath and his Research Institute announced another discovery: adding the amino acid proline, and EGCG (a green tea extract) to lysine and vitamin C had stopped the protease that means the destruction of connective tissue.

The natural regimen studied at the Research Institute of the Dr. Rath works against cancer in six ways:

It stops the spread of cancer cells by inhibiting the action of proteases. In other words, the molecules proteases are neutralized by the components of the regime, which act as “baits” to neutralize the protease, stopping the destruction of collagen in living tissue. The cancer cells then became isolated and therefore not able to reproduce or spread.

It builds and strengthens the immune system, providing the raw material for the construction of white blood cells that are able to identify and destroy cancer cells.

It contains selective chemotherapeutic agents. They trigger a mechanism called apoptosis – programmed cell death – but only in abnormal and cancerous cells while they are perfectly safe for healthy cells.

Otherwise the non-selective chemotherapy drugs such as tamoxifen or radiotherapy are toxic to all cells of the body.

Antioxidants act like a sponge for toxins. Often the cause of cancer – toxic chemicals- are still present in the body, and cancer cells produce toxins (different from protease) which can destroy other cells.
Antioxidants neutralize some of these toxins directly or help other detoxifying mechanisms.

The main components of the regime of Dr. Rath allow the body to rebuild and regenerate the connective tissue – collagen – which was destroyed by the tumor cells.

There are provided the necessary nutrients – vitamins and minerals – to restore normal cell metabolism. These nutrients are lacking in most cancer patients.

To sum, the remedy discovered by Dr. Rath is unique because uses nutrients to improve the innate ability of the body to fight cancer cells and to regenerate itself in a healthy way.

Where can I see the testimonials of people who have used this system?

The clinical research work of Dr. Matthias Rath, has an impressive collection of testimonials on his website, both of doctors who work with him, both of patients and can find them on the Testimonials page: Individuals and Phisician.

Is this cancer treatment safe?

The nutrients used by Dr. Rath are ordinary nutrients. The regimen has no side effects.

Is it believed to interfere with chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

The scheme does not affect those oncology procedures. Vitamin C and vitamin D help reduce the side effects of these treatments.

However if you have already started chemotherapy, the results and the benefits of the regime of Dr. Rath are partial and can not guarantee to protect from poisons so powerful that can kick off to new genetic mutations.

Why most doctors do not know the discoveries of Dr. Rath?

For most doctors, the main source of information is the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices, which have no incentive in advertising substances not patentable, inexpensive, natural remedies or alternative treatments.

Doctors are literally bombarded every day with reports of pharmaceutical companies, press releases and free samples. Meanwhile, tv and in almost every newspaper are full of adverts about possible new treatments or new expensive drugs: a bit like putting the carrot in front of the donkey to make him walk.

Some alternative treatments are not helpful in fighting cancer and its course because they are insufficient and / or incomplete, sometimes dangerous.

  • Maintaining an alkaline pH
  • Protocel (also called Cancell, Cantron, Formula Sheridan)
  • Infrared sauna
  • Fasting
  • Therapy cesium
  • Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Chlorine Dioxide (bleach)
  • Liquid zeolite (the zeolite powder is good for detoxification, but it does not help for cancer)
  • Essiac Tea
  • Coral Calcium
  • Any treatment that specifies not to take vitamin C.

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